Polyester Rope is probably the most commonly used rope within the boating industry.

Polyester Rope is very strong and has very little stretch.

Another big advantage of Polyester Rope is its high resistance to abrasion and also sunlight.

Its very soft to handle and also very flexible – it remains very flexible even when subjected to extreme weathering.

You can see why Polyester Ropes are keenly used for boating/yachting applications and is great for Anchor Lines, mooring Lines, Fender Lines, Lifelines and Hoisting and Winching Lines.

Polyester Ropes are also used for theatre applications quite often for stage rigging and curtain hoists etc.

Polyester fibre ropes can be supplied in a range of diameters, lengths to suit your requirements.

We also offer a full hand splicing service of Soft & Thimble eyes and end fittings.

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