Lashing Equipment

Our restraint & lashing equipment is used to secure all types of loads and cargo during transportation.

Using our lashing equipment guarantees your load will be securely fastened down to prevent movement / fall during transportation.

There are two types of lashing equipment which can be used to secure these loads, Chain systems and web ratchet straps.

Chain systems are made to BS EN 12195-3.

These are steel components which make them ideal for securing heavy loads, or loads with sharp edges or abrasive surfaces which could cause damage to the ratchet straps.

Ratchet loadbinders are supplied with grade 8 chain and can be fitted with a wide range of component fittings. We also supply all types of weld-on or screw lifting points / lashing points.

Web Ratchet Straps are made to BS EN 12195-2.

We supply these in 1 tonne (light use) 5 Tonnes and 10 Tonnes breaking load. We can supply with hooks, delta links and also in endless type. We supply wear sleeves and different types of protective coverings / edge protection.

We also supply all types of lashing / links straps for the transportation of vehicles. Small straps are supplied in black for the entertainment industry. We can supply Ratchets in stainless steel for added protection.

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Wear Sleeves

Ratchet Loadbinder Standard Type

Ratchet Type Loadbinders EN12195

Ratchet Straps

Electro Galvanised Alloy Steel Clevis Slip Hook – Lashing Type

Electro Galvanised Alloy Steel Clevis Grab Hook – Lashing Type

Grade 8 Clevis Sling Hooks with Safety Catch

Grade 8 Clevis Grab Hooks

Grade 8 Short Link Chain