Compacted Hi Spec

Total Rope Solutions stock a variety of Hi Spec / Compacted Wire rope.

Key characteristics and benefits to selecting this type of Wire rope are:-

1. Higher Load to Weight

Compacted Rope has larger valid metallic cross-sectional area, it has higher breaking load than the Round Rope having same diameter.

A Compacted Rope allows the use of ropes with smaller diameter.

It is economical since the working capacity increases due to its higher breaking load compared with other rope.
Making facilities lighter and smaller is possible. (Winch drum, Sheave, etc.)
The Compacted Rope has higher breaking load by 13-18% over Round Rope.

2. Intense Resistance against Abrasion

With the surface of strand and rope being flattened to have wider contact area between Sheave and Rope, the Compacted Rope features an intense resistance against abrasion, because it has very little local abrasion owing to the small plane pressure applied to individual wires.

3. Rare Occurrence of Breakage

The Compacted Rope does not have a secondary bending, and it is extremely rare for its wires to rise up due to internal abrasion and corrosion. The strong resistance is retained when used under severe conditions like heavy loading, and wire cut arising from bending fatigue rarely occurs since it reduces a ternary bending.

4. Sufficient Resistance against Corrosion

Since the wires of Compacted Rope are adhered tight into each other with the outer wire being processed flattened, it is hard for water, dusts, and other harmful substances from outside to intrude into it.

5. Extended Life of Winch Drum and Sheave

With its surface being flattened, the surface area of wire in contact with Winch drum and Sheave in the Compacted Rope is large with a smooth contact.

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