Lifting Gear

Our key products & services is shown in our company name “Total Rope Solutions”, known for providing quality specialised Wire rope, Natural fibre and High tech rope solutions. These products are used for heavy duty lifting, hoisting, towing and securing .

But in reality our company name doesnt really reflect the scale of ancillary lifting products we supply from stock such as:

Chains block * Lever hoists * Winches * Pallet truck * Shackles * Eyebolt & Eyenuts * Webbing products and much more…..!

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Wire Rope (braided slings)

Wire Rope Woven (flat slings)

Round Webbing Lifting Slings

Flat Webbing Lifting Slings

Red Pin Crosby Shackles (all types)

Wire Rope Lifting Slings (thimble eyes)

Wire Rope Lifting Slings (soft eyes)

Machinary Moving Skates

GIN Blocks

Pallet Truck

Bottle Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks

Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

Snatch Blocks

Horizontal Lifting Clamp