Design Consultation

One of the key aspects to Total Rope Solutions is its staff and expertise! Our strengths is our knowledge which gives our clients confidence they are getting the right product!

Its can be advantagous to engage us in the very early stage of a project so we can Understand, Plan, Produce, Support (UPPS) across the whole project. “UPPS” is our own in-house “turn-key” methodology for a “Total Care Programme”.

A successful project starts with clear “Understanding” before anything else, our LEEA trained staff along with over 100+ years experience in design & production of Wire ropes and other lifting solutions.

We believe in listening to client requirements & challanges and if there’s no Rope or solution to suit the application, then we will design one!

We have the confidence and expertise to design new constructions and also to certify on our in-house test facility.

There are many skills disappearing out of the Wire rope industry but we are still proud to still offer traditional ropery skills of Hand & Long splicing along with Flat woven and Braided solutions.

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