Green Pin Shackles (all types)

We offer a wide range of Green Pin bow and dee shackles, depending on the application on which the shackle is going to be used; the range stretches from Working Load Limit (WLL) 0.33 tons to 1500 tons. Therefore, our customers have a very extensive range to choose the shackle exactly suitable for the application.

Most of the shackles are directly available from stock. Furthermore, shackles can be supplied to many standards such as the US Federal Specification RR-C-271, EN 13889, British Standard 3032, DIN 82101, DIN 82016 etc.

Polar shackles are for use in extreme climatic conditions with material properties guaranteed up to temperatures of -40oC, and furthermore we offer a wide range of general commercial shackles, which are not suitable for lifting but merely for fixing purposes.

All Green Pin shackles have a specific design for a specific application. Examples are the “Super” shackles which are made out of grade 8 steel enabling the dimensions of the shackles to be minimized for use in limited space conditions, without loss of functionality or Working Load Limit.

Or sling shackles for use with large slings, to provide a better radius to the sling being used. Another example of functional design is the use of shackles where the pin has a square sunken hole so as not to obstruct the use of fishing nets. These are all examples of a highly functional design, to optimize the use of the Van Beest shackles in daily use.

Furthermore, shackles used for lifting applications are stamped with the following marks, to specify the quality and safety of use of the shackles:

– Working Load Limit n i.e. WLL 25 T

– manufacturer’s identification symbol i.e. GP, indicating Green Pin or Bs, indicating Van Beest

– traceability code n i.e. HA pertaining to a particular batch

– steel grade i.e. 4, 6, 8

– CE conformity code i.e. CE, Conformite Europeen

Green Pin shackles meet all relevant requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and all latest amendments.


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