Cotton Rope

Cotton Rope is a natural fibre rope made from the fluffy fibre that grows around the seeds of the Cotton plant.

The fibre is spun into a yarn before being made into a finished rope.It is very soft to the touch and easy to handle and less likely to cause burns to the skin.
It is unbleached and looks off white in colour.

Cotton Rope can easily be dyed to create different coloured rope and has good fire retardant qualities.

It is most commonly used for decorative or artistic uses as well as pet toys, animal halters, magicians rope, bondage rope and sash cords.

We keep stock of Cotton Rope in 6mm – 32mm diameter.

Cotton Rope

Rope Diameter (mm) Approx Wt/kgs Per Reel
6 7.5 220 mtrs
8 11 220 mtrs
10 15.5 220 mtrs
12 19 220 mtrs
14 29 220 mtrs
16 35 220 mtrs
18 39 220 mtrs
20 24 110 mtrs
24 30 110 mtrs
28 45 110 mtrs
32 55 110 mtrs


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