6×7 Fibre Core PVC Coated Wire Rope

Fibre Core
Galvanised or Stainless Steel Finish
PVC, PO2 or Nylon Coating
Right Hand Lay
Tensile Grade 1960N

We stock 6×7 Fibre Core PVC, PO2 or Nylon Coated wire rope from diameters 2mm to 7mm.

6×7 FC is a multi purpose small cord steel wire rope, and is commonly used as garage/industrial door cables and trailer hand break cables. Different colours are available upon request.

If you are unsure about which wire ropes is best for your project, please give us a call we are very happy to help.

All our wire ropes come with test certificates meeting the relevant BSEN standards and comply fully
with insurance requirements.

BS EN 12385

6×7 Fibre Core PVC Coated Wire Rope

Normal Diameter (mm) Approx Mass (kg/100m) Min Breaking Load (tonnes) Min Breaking Force (kN)
2 1.38 0.24 2.35
3 3.11 0.54 5.29
4 5.54 0.96 9.40
5 8.65 1.50 14.70
6 12.50 2.16 21.20
7 17.00 2.94 28.80


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