6×7 Fibre Core Galvanised Wire Rope

Fibre Core
Galvanised Finish
Righthand Lay
Tensile Grade 1960N

We stock 6×7 Fibre Core Galvanised Wire Rope from diameters 2mm to 7mm.

This galvanised wire ropes is non rotating (anti-spin) and is often used for; signage, safety bonds, safety wires, lashings and small bespoke assemblies.

All our wire ropes come with test certificates meeting the relevant BSEN standards and comply fully
with insurance requirements.

BS EN 12385

Rope Lube for service maintenance and longevity

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6×7 Fibre Core Galvanised Wire Rope

Normal Diameter (mm) Approx Mass (kg/100m) Min Breaking Load (tonnes) Min Breaking Force (kN)
2 1.38 0.24 2.35
3 3.11 0.54 5.29
4 5.54 0.96 9.40
5 8.65 1.50 14.70
6 12.50 2.16 21.20
7 17.00 2.94 28.80


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